Ratatouille Side Dishes: What Goes Best With Them

Ratatouille – What goes with it

Ratatouille describes a recipe in which lots of vegetables are stewed and served with Mediterranean herbs. The preparation is very simple. However, some people find it difficult to find the right side dish.

  • Basically, anything goes with ratatouille. You can eat both potatoes and pasta with it.
  • If you are more into low-carb dishes, you can also put meat in a wide variety of designs on the table. Even fish dishes fit, as long as they are not served with their own sauce.
  • As a healthier alternative to pasta and potatoes, you can also boil buckwheat, pearl barley, or amaranth and use them as a side dish.
  • White bread also goes well with it. Just experiment and find out what you like best with ratatouille.

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