Honey Citron Tea Benefits

When should I drink honey with citron tea?

Its floral-fruity citrus aroma makes it a great way to start your day and is an excellent source for vitamin c. traditionally, honey citron tea has also been used to treat cold symptoms, stimulate digestion, blood circulation, and even said to enhance skin complexion.

What is honey citron tea good for?

Made from carefully selected and fresh Korean citron and real honey. You can feel the sweet and sour flavor of citron and honey. Every cup has pleasant sweetness and an abundant amount of vitamin C. Good for easing sore throat and cough.

What are the benefits of drinking citron tea?

  • Help in suppressing fevers.
  • Cure hangovers.
  • Aid digestion.
  • Cure flu’s.
  • Contain calcium to strengthen bones.
  • To ease seasickness.
  • Enhance the skin’s complexion.
  • Fight against skin discoloration.
  • Relieve headaches.
  • To possess antibiotic properties.
  • Increase blood circulation.
  • Calm coughs and soothe sore throats.
  • Act as an excellent source of vitamin C.

Can I drink honey citron tea everyday?

Many people prefer to make their own Korean Yuja Cha tea since it is relatively easy to make. Due to the lack of caffeine in this tea, there is no limit recommended by experts, and many people in Korea drink this tea throughout the day.

Can I drink honey citron tea at night?

Drinking a cup of citron tea before bed may actually help you get a better night’s sleep!

Should I refrigerate honey citron tea?

Directions: Take 2-3 teaspoons with 80cc hot water. Stir well. Storage: After opening, put lid back on and store in refrigerator.

Can I drink honey citron tea in empty stomach?

Drinking honey and lemon tea in the morning on an empty stomach can be very beneficial. It works as an excellent detox agent. Besides cleansing your body, it can uplift your mood and can drive out lethargy.

Where can I use honey citron tea?

This honey citrus mix is delicious especially when it’s made into a glaze to coat fried food. Try it by swapping the honey and the citrus juice and use the honey citron mix instead in the recipe. You can glaze chicken wings for a sweet tangy flavor and you can even try it on a slab of lechon kawali.

Does honey citron tea have caffeine?

Korean honey citron tea is an herbal or tisane made with a citrus fruit. It contains no caffeine and it’s perfect for when if you’re looking for a little cold relief or just a nice hot beverage to warm up.

What are the benefits of honey citron and ginger tea?

The tea is associated with various health benefits, such as improvement in digestion and increasing absorption of food. Ginger tea can help relieve sore throat and prevent the common cold. It may help strengthen your immunity. Refreshing ginger citrus honey tea in every cup.

What does honey citron tea taste like?

There’s a strong lemon and citrus flavor and a ton of warmth coming from the ginger, this is also quite sweet and you can taste the honey. It’s got bits of citrus peel in it which I personally love but if you don’t want citrus peel in your tea you could use a strainer.

Is citron tea good for colds?

Honey Citron Tea is effective for colds, coughs, headaches, and colds. It contains a lot of vitamin C, so it is effective for cold and fatigue recovery.

How do you drink Korean honey citron tea?

You make the tea by simply diluting 2-3 teaspoon worth of yuja-cheong in a cup of hot water. You can also combine it with ice cubes and sparkling water and make some refreshing honey citron iced tea. It is one of my favorite summer drinks. The tea has a sweet and slightly sour taste, as well as a bitter sweet taste.

What is citron honey tea?

Citron tea is a popular traditional Korean herbal tea that doesn’t contain any caffeine. It’s usually made with honey and / or sugar and yuzu fruit, a type of citrus that’s common in Asian recipes. The tea is usually sold in big jars in Korean markets, containing thick syrup with yuzu flakes in it.

How to prepare honey citron tea

How many calories are in citron honey tea?

Korean Honey Citron Tea (1 oz) contains 8g total carbs, 5g net carbs, 0g fat, 0g protein, and 30 calories.

How do you drink citron tea?

Just prepare the Ottogi Honey Citron Tea, sparkling water (regular water is just fine), and a cup with ice. Take two spoons of Ottogi Honey Citron Tea and add them to a cup of water. You can choose between putting it into the hot or cold water.

Is citron a lemon?

Citron is a citrus fruit that resembles a lumpy lemon. Unlike lemons and oranges, however, citron is used primarily for its zest, since its pulp is dry and contains little juice.

Is honey citron tea good for weight loss?

Another health benefits of Korean honey citron tea is to optimize body metabolism in balancing the hormones.

Is honey citron tea good for pregnancy?

If you’re experiencing morning sickness, there’s simply no better option to start the day with than this honey, lemon and ginger tea. Ginger is proven to help reduce the effects of nausea and morning sickness, and with the extra kick of honey and lemon, this tea might just be your taste buds’ new best friend.

Is honey citron tea good for sore throat?

Honey Citron tea is more than an amazing sweet sour drink. It helps soothes sore throats and a great source of vitamin C to fight off diseases.

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