How Do I Recognize Good Meat?

The sun is beating down, and people are flocking to the parks and lighting their barbecues. But bad meat often ends up on the plate. So that you are guaranteed to buy the highest quality, experts answer the most important questions about each type of meat.


Freshness test when shopping:

The surface should not be wet and the smell should not be acidic. You can recognize fresh poultry primarily by its color: light pink without any green or brown tinge.

Is imported poultry contaminated?

Consumer advocates repeatedly find large doses of various drugs in overseas products, the use of which is strictly prohibited within the EU. In any case, local products offer a higher level of security and are marked, for example, by the packaging imprint “DDD”.

How long does poultry keep?

Chicken, turkey, goose, and duck don’t keep as long as other types of meat. It should therefore be stored in the refrigerator at 5 to 7 degrees Celsius for a maximum of 24 hours.

Is Poultry Really Low Fat?

Pure meat is actually lean and low in fat. In general, the leg is slightly more fatty than e.g. B. the chest. The meat contains most of the fat directly under the skin.


Freshness test when shopping:

The color should be dark red to brown and must not show any black discoloration. If you rarely prepare games, ask the butcher for advice.

When can I buy the fresh game?

At the moment it is hunting season for all common game species. So you can currently get the meat of the best quality from the butcher or at the fresh meat counter in the supermarket. However, it is also not a problem to buy game meat outside of the hunting season – it is then offered frozen.

How many days does venison keep?

It is recommended that fresh games be stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 2 to 3 days. Frozen meat should be thawed in the refrigerator; the escaping liquid must not come into contact with the meat.

Is deer healthy?

Yes, because game meat contains high-quality protein and little fat, and eating game does not ingest any medication.


Freshness test when shopping:

Fresh beef should not smell sweet and should not ooze liquid. White marbling and dark red coloring of the meat are reliable indicators of good quality.

How long does beef keep refrigerated?

Steaks will keep for two days in the refrigerator at 5-7 °C. Small pieces such as goulash or minced meat offer germ a larger surface and should therefore be consumed on the same day.

Is organic better?

Compared to factory farming, cattle on organic farms have enough time to grow. This allows the animals to store more fatty acids, iron, and B vitamins. As a result, their meat (recognizable by the organic seal on the packaging) tastes stronger and is healthier.

How is a steak tender?

Top chefs sear the steak very hot for a minute on each side, then continue cooking over low heat. “Medium” is the meat when the juice is no longer bloody but clear.

Pork meat

Freshness test when shopping:

A piece of fresh pork can be recognized by its light pink color and the fat is almost white. The surface shouldn’t look slimy, just shiny.

Which is the best seal of approval?

The Neuland seal and Thöne meat stand for animal welfare, controlled use of antibiotics, and no gene feed.

Why does the roast need fat?

Of course, the traditional fat crust on the Christmas roast should not be missing. Because fat is a flavor carrier and also ensures that the roast does not become dry in the oven. Experts recommend not eating this fat, but only enjoying pure meat.

How healthy is pork?

The B vitamins contained in pork are important for the human organism. The same goes for potassium and sodium, vital minerals that are also found in pork.

Ground beef

How do I recognize a good hack?

You can recognize fresh ground beef by its strong red color. No greenish or greyish discoloration should be visible. The smell should be neither sweet nor rancid, and dried spots indicate that the goods are not fresh. In the Stiftung Warentest, the packaged minced meat performed significantly better in terms of sterility than the minced meat from many meat counters. However, the testers advise you to look for the packaging date when buying packaged ground beef – this should be the date of the day you buy it. You should also consume it within a maximum of 24 hours.

How do I properly prepare mince?

Ground beef must always be fully cooked through. Leftovers from meals with minced meat should never be saved for the next day or reheated. Would you like I

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