How Do You Clean Lamb’s Lettuce Properly?

Cleaning lamb’s lettuce is easy: wash the lamb’s lettuce thoroughly – and use ice-cold water if possible. Then dry it with a salad spinner or alternatively with a kitchen towel. Finally, remove withered leaves and fine root remains by hand or with a knife. Now you can prepare the cleaned lamb’s lettuce and enjoy it in a variety of ways.

Tips for cleaning, chopping, and washing lamb’s lettuce

Lamb’s lettuce has fine roots that cannot always be completely removed during harvesting. It is therefore important that you pay attention to root residues when cleaning. Careful washing is also part of it, because lamb’s lettuce does not “shoot” like other varieties, but has a maximum growth height of 15 centimeters. So the leaves stay close to the ground – and so earth, sand, or small stones are often included. In order to be able to clean lamb’s lettuce easily and correctly, the following applies first wash lamb’s lettuce, then clean. Because this is the best way to remove the coarse dirt. When cleaning and removing the roots, you can also check whether the lamb’s lettuce still contains dirt. It can be easily crushed by hand.

Fresh lamb’s lettuce – storage and fitness factor

Lamb’s lettuce is hardy and is harvested outdoors or in a greenhouse all year round, but preferably in autumn. Crunchy lamb’s lettuce tastes best when you prepare it fresh. You can also keep lamb’s lettuce fresh in the refrigerator for up to three days. To do this, wrap the lamb’s lettuce in a damp kitchen towel and ideally store it in the vegetable drawer.

The fine-leaved lamb’s lettuce has a mild, nutty taste and contains many nutrients and vitamins, especially vitamin C. You can read about other healthy properties of lamb’s lettuce in our expert knowledge. Also, learn how to buy and store arugula.

Tip: Try our vegan fitness recipe. Our delicious lamb’s lettuce smoothie is a successful mix of fruit and vegetables. The smoothie provides a vitamin-rich start to the day – and is ready in just 15 minutes!

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