How Healthy are Barley Grass and Wheatgrass?

The stalks of barley grass and wheat grass are rich in vitamins, trace elements, minerals, fiber, and, above all, chlorophyll. For some time now, the grasses have been available in supermarkets for a few euros per pot. For example, grass juice can be pressed from them, which is touted as a healthy superfood. But so far there are hardly any scientific studies that prove the effect of grasses on human health. Only the Japanese researcher Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara concluded that barley stalks offer a uniquely balanced nutritional composition.

But there is no reliable information about how much of which nutrients are in fresh stalks. However, an entire industry now uses Hagiwara’s publications to promote powdered barley grass and wheat grass preparations. For a weed drink, one to two heaped teaspoons of powder should be stirred into water.

Fewer nutrients than in fruits and vegetables

According to the supplier, powder from barley grass and wheatgrass contains five times as much iron as spinach and seven times as much vitamin C as oranges. However, powdered weed does not have any more vitamins or minerals than fresh fruit and vegetables. In fact, a teaspoon of grass powder contains 7.5 milligrams of vitamin C, and a small orange contains 53 milligrams. The spinach does not add up either: The powder contains 0.870 milligrams of iron, a portion of spinach two milligrams.

Fiber keeps digestion going

Grasses are high in fiber, which is good for digestion. However, if you eat too much barley grass or wheatgrass, it can lead to abdominal pain.

Chlorophyll with no function in the body

The high chlorophyll content of grasses is repeatedly advertised, but the green plant pigment does not play a major role in human nutrition. It has no necessary function for our body.

Powdered grass can contain poisons

The origin of the powdered grass is often not clearly traceable. For example, in many cases, it remains unclear what is defined as organic farming in the producing countries. It cannot be ruled out that the grasses were treated with pesticides or that the soil was contaminated with heavy metals.

Use straws as kitchen herbs

Fresh grass deserves a place in the kitchen. Wheatgrass is slightly sweeter than barley grass and makes a good flavorful alternative to parsley or chives.

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