How to Peel Young Potatoes: 5 Very Fast Ways

You can quickly peel young potatoes using improvised methods. In July it is the season of young potatoes. Young tubers can be cooked directly in the peel because it is very thin. But if your recipe calls for peeled potatoes, you can quickly get rid of the skins with improvised means.

How to peel young potatoes with a knife

Young potatoes simply scrape with a knife to get rid of the skin. You can use the blunt side of the knife. You can splash your hands with vinegar or lemon juice to keep your hands from getting dirty with the peels and staining.

How to peel young potatoes with salt

Rinse the potatoes thoroughly. Take a large plastic bag and pour a few spoons of salt into it. Fill the bag with the potatoes. Rub the tubers with the salt for a few minutes until all the peels are peeled.

How to brush young potatoes

Take a metal brush, the hard side of a sponge, or an old toothbrush. Use this object to peel the young potatoes and rinse off any remaining peels.

How to peel young potatoes with a faucet

Place the potatoes on a colander and place them under a faucet with running water. Keep the potatoes under the faucet for a few minutes, turning them to different sides in the colander. If the pressure is strong enough, it will peel the skin.

How to peel young potatoes with water

Rinse the tubers under running water. Put the potatoes in a pot of very hot water for a few minutes. Then put them in a bowl with cold water. The temperature difference will cause the peels to peel off the potatoes on their own.

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Written by Emma Miller

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