What Breeds of Dogs are Suitable for a Private Home: 6 Best Options

People who live in private homes almost always buy a guard dog. It is convenient and safe – such a companion will not only protect you from intruders but will become a loyal friend to the whole family.

The most unpretentious dogs for a private home – a list

Choosing a four-legged friend, you should pay attention not only to the appearance of the animal and personal preferences but also to its “fighting” characteristics.

Depending on the breed, the dog is more or less predisposed to certain tasks and a lack of awareness of the personal characteristics of the animal can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog

This breed is considered one of the best for private homes. Central Asian shepherds have been raised for thousands of years as reliable defenders with a developed guarding instinct. Thanks to the thick fur, the dog can live in a kennel in winter without getting sick or freezing. To strangers such a pet is distrustful, but for the family will be a loyal and reliable friend. These dogs are quite difficult to train because of their character, so they need an experienced owner.

Moscow Watchdog

This type of dog was bred during Soviet times as a result of crossing Saint Bernards, Caucasian shepherds, and Russian pied hounds. The huge animal looks intimidating, but only for strangers, in fact, the dog will be affectionate even with small children. A dog of this breed needs a spacious enclosure and quality food, so make sure you can create the conditions for it before you buy a puppy.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

A dog that looks like a bear and can stand up to 180 cm tall when he stands on his hind legs. It is one of the oldest breeds, trained to protect the home of man and herd of livestock. Representatives of this breed have a stubborn, independent character, which makes them difficult to train, so beginners are not advised to become owners of Caucasian sheepdogs. If you choose this breed, take the help of a dog handler.


A breed that for many years has been on the list of the most dangerous dogs, yet with proper training, it is not. The Rottweiler is characterized by obedience, self-confidence, courage, alertness, and adaptability, and has a well-developed guarding instinct. Newcomers confuse it with aggressiveness, but Rottweilers are very gentle and reserved towards the family.

German Shepherd Dog

The unchallenged holder of second place in the ranking of the most reliable dogs for home protection. The German Shepherd has an independent personality and a keen sense of smell, as well as a heightened protective instinct – a dog can sacrifice his life for your well-being. This dog is easy to train due to its natural obedience, and the German shepherd dog does not need control – once trained, it will perform its task perfectly.


An ideal dog for a private home that is sure to make friends with every member of the family. The main thing is to understand that respect and partnership are very important for the Alabai, so have patience in order to gain respect from your puppy. Under no circumstances should you use violence towards the animal – you will make an enemy.

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