Is Blue Danube China Worth Anything?

The average value of “blue danube china” is $33.55. Sold comparables range in price from a low of $2.99 to a high of $2,200.00.

How Old Is Blue Danube China?

Blue Danube, a Lipper International pattern introduced in 1951, was inspired by Chinese design created in the Yuan dynasty (A.D. 1260 to 1368). Its stylized flowers are ancient Chinese symbols for good fortune and happiness.

How do you date a Blue Danube?

Lipper International marked its pieces with a variety of backstamps. The Blue Danube in a banner back-stamp was used from 1951 through 1976. The “boxed” Blue Danube backstamp was used between 1977 and 2000. In 2001, Lipper used a 50th anniversary backstamp.

Is Blue Danube still made?

Blue Danube was discontinued in 2010 but replacement pieces are still available.

Can I put Blue Danube china in the dishwasher?

It’s made from porcelain china that’s safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher.

Does Blue Danube China contain lead?

Um, no. In fact most of them have incredibly high levels of lead (in a range that I would consider as not safe to eat off of.) Please read on for more information about lead found in examples of Blue Willow dishes.

How to tell if your Blue Danube china has lead?

The only way to determine if certain crockery has lead is to test it. Home test kits can tell you if the dishes have leachable lead. These tests are most useful in detecting high levels of lead.

What is Blue Danube china made of?

Blue printed rectangular backstamp Blue Danube R. Derived from the Onion design, which originated at Meissen, the famous Blue Danube pattern was made in Japan on a porcelain body and was originally exclusive to Lipper International Inc of New York.

Where is Blue Danube china made?

This Blue Danube pattern was manufactured for 59 years by the Blue Danube China company, based in Japan. Rarely will you find a china pattern with the provenance of Blue Danube China.

Is Blue Danube china porcelain?

The Blue Danube pattern of fine translucent porcelain dinnerware, which is under-glazed decorated, was developed in 1951. Blue Danube was distributed in the United States, Canada, Central America and parts of Europe.

What is the difference between Blue Danube china and Blue Onion?

Blue Danube, is no longer manufactured and is considered ‘retired’ as a china pattern. Blue Onion (German: Zwiebelmuster) is a porcelain tableware pattern for dishware originally manufactured by Meissen porcelain since the 18th century, and since the last 19th Century has been copied by other companies.

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