Langos Toppings: 25 Ideas For Toppings

Langos is our all-time favorite for Christmas and Funfairs. If you want to make the treat yourself at home, deciding on the topping will be even more difficult than at the Langos stand. That’s why we’ve collected 25 ideas that you can try for your next Langos evening.

Classic Lango’s rubber from Hungary

Originally, the flat cakes made from soft yeast dough come from Hungary. There it is popular street food and is sold at stands like here. Since langos is a typical on-the-hand meal, the topping is usually not very elaborate. But one ingredient should not be missing in the original Hungarian version: garlic!

  1. The simplest version of Langos: brush the dough with garlic oil and salt
  2. Cream of sour cream and garlic, grated cheese on top
  3. With Hungarian letcho

Tip: The advantage of making it at home: You can determine the size of the flat cakes yourself. For example, you can prepare the dough smaller than usual to try out different toppings. In our recipe for making langos yourself, we will show you how to make langos safely.

Hearty Langos topping

Of course, you can extend the classic covering from Hungary as you wish. Cream of sour cream and garlic is usually used as a sauce.

  1. The most popular Langos variant: grated cheese, leeks, and either bacon or ham cubes
  2. Kolbasz (which is a Hungarian paprika salami) and cheese
  3. Fresh herbs, e.g. parsley and cress
  4. Peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon
  5. Chili and fresh pepper for a spicy topping
  6. smoked salmon
  7. Braised onions, ham, lamb’s lettuce

If you don’t like garlic cream, you can also use different cream cheese or quark. Or you can omit the spread entirely and cover the langos like this, e.g. with:

  1. Feta, cucumber, and tomato
  2. Mozzarella, tomato, and balsamic vinegar
  3. Tomato paste, rocket, Parmesan, and who likes Parma ham
  4. Camembert, figs, walnuts, and honey

Sweet langos variants

Rather untypical in Hungary, but totally popular with us: Langos with a sweet topping. Those with a sweet tooth, in particular, will find what they are looking for here. Whether with your favorite nut nougat cream or fresh fruit – you can be just as creative with sweet Langos as with the savory topping.

  1. powdered sugar
  2. cinnamon sugar
  3. jam
  4. Nut nougat cream
  5. applesauce and homemade vanilla sauce
  6. nut butter
  7. banana and chocolate shavings
  8. whipped cream
  9. different types of ice cream
  10. caramel sauce
  11. Homemade speculoos cream as a Christmas topping

Lango’s Buffet

Once you start with the dough, that’s it, right? The best thing to do is mass produce and invite friends and family. Almost like with raclette, each guest can choose their toppings as they like.

You notice – in general, there are no limits. You can fill your langos according to your own taste and try out many creative ideas.

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