Lose Weight With Buttermilk: The Diet Secret

Buttermilk is a super healthy all-around talent – and the absolute secret weapon against annoying pounds.

How healthy is buttermilk?

Even if the name suggests otherwise: buttermilk is a true secret weapon against annoying love handles. Because it is just a by-product of butter production. After the fat has accumulated in the butter, less than one percent fat remains in the milk. Together with valuable proteins and healthy nutrients, the refreshing drink ensures a slim waist in no time. In combination with vitamin-rich fruits, this weight-loss effect can even be intensified. In addition, the lactic acid bacteria it contains ensure that the sour milk product is particularly digestible and aids in digestion. The only requirement: it must be pure buttermilk. Because only this does not contain any artificially added substances. e.g. sugar.

Buttermilk for weight loss

If you integrate buttermilk into your diet, you can lose weight. With a refreshing start to the day, the pounds tumble off much better. So replace your breakfast with one of our buttermilk slimming drinks. To take full advantage of all the active factors, change the ingredients more often. Particularly practical: the mixtures can be prepared the evening before so that you can relax and enjoy the delicious mix in the morning.

7 Genius Properties of Buttermilk

  1. Plain buttermilk is very low in fat, making it extremely calorie-friendly. In comparison: It only has about half as many calories as whole milk – just 35 kilocalories per 100 milliliters.
  2. A huge plus point is the large portion of the protein that is in pure buttermilk and ensures good and long-lasting satiety.
  3. Milk can score with many valuable minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron.
  4. Half a liter of buttermilk covers 75 percent of your daily calcium needs. A real benefit when it comes to losing pounds is that calcium is involved in activating certain enzymes and hormones responsible for weight regulation.
  5. The high zinc content lowers insulin levels. And that’s doubly good. Because the lower the insulin level, the higher the fat burning and the fewer food cravings.
  6. The contained lactic acid bacteria have a so-called probiotic effect. In this way, they ensure a slightly acidic environment in the intestines, in which pathogenic bacteria, which can damage the intestinal mucosa, do not feel comfortable. The result: an all-around healthy intestinal flora.
  7. Pure buttermilk not only makes you slim but also beautiful. The B vitamins it contains are responsible for this. These promote cell growth and thus ensure smooth skin, shiny hair, and healthy nails.

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