Make Ginger Shot Yourself: Basic Recipe Plus Stomach-Friendly Variant

If you want to enjoy the health benefits but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can easily make ginger shots yourself. There’s even a recipe for people with sensitive stomachs.

Making ginger shots yourself is a good idea, especially in times of the corona crisis: everyone emphasizes how important it is to strengthen your immune system. Ginger has been considered a health secret weapon for centuries—and not without reason. Among other things, ginger has a cleansing effect on the blood, mucous membranes, and intestines, it helps against tiredness and circulatory disorders and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The best thing about ginger is: It doesn’t take much of it to boost health. A Ginger shot a day – about 4 cl – is enough to take full advantage of the root.

Variant: Ginger shots for a sensitive stomach

Those who suffer from a sensitive stomach usually do without healthy ginger shots. The trend drink is too hot for people with stomach problems, not least due to the combination of lemons and cayenne pepper.

In this case, it is worth trying a version of the ginger shot that is gentler on the stomach: the lemons can be replaced with oranges or tangerines, which are often better tolerated by an upset stomach. Cayenne pepper is also not a must in the ginger shot. You can add 1 teaspoon of turmeric instead. Since the spice has anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant properties, people with stomach problems should make mild ginger shots themselves.

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