Make Rose Petal Tea Yourself – This is How it Works

Rose petals – beautiful and healthy

Most people know roses primarily as the flower of love and as a beautiful addition to the garden. But roses, which are also known for their pleasant fragrance, have been known as medicinal plants for thousands of years.

  • As a medicinal plant, the rose is used both internally and externally. Healing powers are attributed to the roses for a wide variety of ailments, which is mainly due to the essential oils and tannins.
  • Roses are said to help with inflammation as well as digestive problems, a nervous stomach, menstrual cramps, and headaches. In addition, the rose blossom tea should have a positive effect on the heart and a calming effect on the nerves.
  • If you also want to use the rose as a medicinal plant, it is of course important that you do not spray the flowers.

Make rose petal tea yourself – this is how it works

You can use both fresh and dried rose petals for the rose petal tea. If you have chosen fresh rose petals, harvest the rose petals early in the morning, as this is when the plant contains the most essential oils. You need three roses for one liter of rose blossom tea.

  • First, put the water on and then let it cool for a good five minutes so that the active ingredients in the rose are not destroyed by the boiling hot water.
  • Meanwhile, pluck the petals from the roses and wash them off as needed.
  • After pouring the water into a teapot, add the rose petals and immediately close the pot with the lid.
  • Let the tea steep for a good 15 minutes before straining the rose petals.
  • Tip: Of course, you can also mix the rose petals with the leaves of other medicinal plants, such as sage, to create your very own tea creations.

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