Make Sauerkraut Yourself – That’s How it Works

Making sauerkraut – the preliminary work

You only need a few things to make the sauerkraut using the DIY method. In addition to a fermenting pot, you need a cabbage masher and a sharp knife.

  • One of the perks of making your own sauerkraut is that you can customize it to your liking. However, one ingredient is indispensable: the salt. Salt and the pressure applied to the cell walls of cabbage break down the cell walls, allowing the fermentation process to take place. Around 30 grams of salt per kilogram of cabbage have proven effective.
  • In addition to the salt, cumin, bay leaves, and juniper berries are usually added to the sauerkraut. Other ingredients could include vinegar, sugar, grated apples, carrots, coreander seeds, or savory leaves. But the main actor is the white cabbage. Make sure it’s still fresh, crisp, and firm when you make sauerkraut.
  • To prepare: First, remove the outer leaves and the stalk of the white cabbage. Then grab the knife and cut the cabbage into long, very fine strips. Alternatively, you can chop the white cabbage with a cabbage slicer. However, the strips then become significantly shorter. It is important that you cut the strips very finely, otherwise the herb will hardly release any liquid.

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