Opening a Coconut: With These Tricks it Works

Opening a coconut: This trick works

  1. Start by locating the three spots on the narrower side of the drupe, then flip it over to the top.
  2. Now, using a clean screwdriver and a hammer, punch a hole in two of the coconut patches. Place the coconut on a container so that the clear coconut water can drain easily through the two openings in the shell. Tip: Coconut water contains numerous valuable minerals that can be absorbed particularly well by the human body.
  3. After all the coconut water has drained out, turn them on their side. Now hit the “equator” of the coconut with the tip of the hammer. Rotate the nut and repeat the process until a crack appears between the halves. Tip: Use a firm surface when hitting the coconut.
  4. Use a knife to try to break the coconut into two halves across the crack. You will receive two handy coconut halves.
  5. Now use a sharp knife to cut the white flesh out of the coconut shells piece by piece.

This is how the chef professionally opens the coconut

Achim Schwekendiek, head chef at the Schloßhotel Münchhausen, knows another trick to open the coconut:

  1. First, make a hole in two of the three coconut eyes with a fine drill or a screwdriver.
  2. As Schwekendiek explains, it’s important that you drill two holes in the coconut. The air can escape through one opening, while the coconut water runs out of the other hole. It is best to hold the coconut over a large bowl during the process.
  3. To crack the hard shell of the coconut, it’s best to use the toolbox again. For this, you need a hammer.
  4. Lay the coconut with the most curved side in front of you. Then hit it with the hammer. Then turn the coconut around yourself and hit the shell with the hammer.
  5. If the crack in the shell from the hammer blows is large enough, you can unfold the coconut relatively easily.
  6. The flesh of the coconut can now be removed with a sharp knife. If you would like to make your work a little easier, the chef has a little tip for you: put the coconut in the freezer for a short time. You can then separate the frozen meat much more easily.

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