Pickling Wild Garlic Buds – You Need to Know That

Soak wild garlic buds in vinegar

You will hardly find wild garlic buds on the market. So you’ll have to gather the buds yourself.

  • If you collect the plant in the forest, you should be sure to recognize wild garlic without a doubt. Wild garlic is very similar to the poisonous autumn crocus and the poisonous lily of the valley. Alternatively, you can plant wild garlic in your own garden.
  • Only the still sealed, plump buds are suitable for pickling. You need to sort out the buds that have already opened slightly.
  • You should also remove the stems and wash the buds thoroughly before pickling. Dry the buds afterward with a kitchen towel.
  • Properly pickled, it becomes a real delicacy. If you want to sour the buds, prepare a broth of equal parts water and vinegar. Seasoned with a little salt and sugar.
  • Place the buds in mason jars rinsed with hot water. Briefly boil the brew and then fill it with the buds.
  • Tightly closed, boil the jars for half an hour. If you don’t have a saucepan, you can use a normal saucepan.
  • In order for the pickled wild garlic buds to taste really delicious, they have to steep for about two weeks.
  • Shake the buds in the jars a little every now and then during this time. Pickled in this way, the buds will keep for about a year.
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