Recognizing Ripe Pineapples: This Is How You Get The Tastiest Fruit

How to recognize a ripe pineapple

Basically, recognizing the optimal degree of ripeness of pineapple is relatively easy:

  • First, use your sense of smell: if the pineapple exudes an intense fruity aroma, this is already a sure sign that the fruit is in an optimal state of ripeness.
  • If the pineapple also passes the second test, it can go into the shopping basket.
  • To do this, try to carefully pull one or two leaves out of the middle of the pineapple crown.
  • If the leaves give way slightly, you can buy the pineapple, which by the way also tastes deliciously grilled, without any worries.
  • If you are still unsure, a pressure test will also help you. The pineapple should be firm but not too soft.
  • If you have excess pulp, you should definitely not throw it away. You can just freeze the pineapple.

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Written by John Myers

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