Poultry Meat: You Have to Pay Attention to This When Preparing It

Preparing poultry meat – you have to pay attention to that

  • Cooling: The first tip does not concern the preparation, but rather the purchase and transport. Make sure that the cold chain is not broken. In summer, use a cool bag or cool box for this.
  • Washing: Before preparing your meat, do not wash it. Bacteria and germs can spread through water splashes in the sink and on the worktop, e.g. B. easily get into your salad.
  • Cleanliness: With poultry, it is particularly important that you pay attention to good cleanliness. Always clean knives and other kitchen utensils that have come into contact with meat thoroughly before preparing other foods with them. Tip: Use a plastic cutting board or a glass cutting board. Wooden boards are not really suitable because they are not so easy and thorough to clean.
  • Defrosting: If you need to defrost the poultry, it is important that you defrost slowly. Put the meat in the fridge ahead of time and let it thaw there. Calculate a defrosting time of 5 hours for 500 grams of meat.
  • Take the meat out of the packaging beforehand and put it in a sieve. Place the strainer in a bowl so the juice can drain. Cover the sieve with the meat. Make sure there is enough space between the strainer and the bottom of the bowl so the meat doesn’t get caught in the drained liquid.
  • Cooking: It is particularly important when preparing poultry meat that the meat is thoroughly cooked through. The meat must no longer be raw, otherwise, bacteria could still be present in the meat. Cut it at the thickest part so that you can see when it is done correctly. There should no longer be any red spots visible on the inside. A meat thermometer is a good helper here.

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