Prevent Colds: The Best Home Remedies And Tips!

Can you prevent a cold? This works out! With various home remedies and tips, the number of annual infections can at least be reduced.

On average, every adult German catches a cold two to four times a year, and children even more often. Especially in the cold season, the infection is felt to be lurking around every corner. But if you do it right and turn a few screws, you can prevent a cold. The best tips and home remedies at a glance.

Preventing a cold: is it even possible?

There is no 100% protection against a cold, and there is no vaccination. What we colloquially call the “cold” is actually caused by over 200 different types of viruses. Even the flu vaccination cannot prevent a cold because, despite similar symptoms, it only protects against the real flu (influenza).

So is it just a matter of waiting and hoping to make it through the cold season unscathed? Not at all! Although an infection can hardly be completely ruled out, the risk of infection can be reduced many times over. All it takes is a few simple precautions to boost your immune system.

Prevent cold and flu with these 8 tips!

With these measures you can prepare your body for the cold and flu season and strengthen it in the best possible way:

1. Prevention of cold: pay attention to the humidity

Nothing is nicer on cold days than a warm home, but often the heating also ensures that the air is very dry. If the airways are exposed to this air for a long time, the mucous membranes can dry out. The consequence: The so-called “mucociliary clearance” is disturbed. With this self-cleaning mechanism, pathogens are removed from the body with the help of fine cilia in the mucous membranes.

So that cold pathogens don’t have it too easy, you should pay attention to the humidity in your own four walls. A humidity of 35 to 55 percent is recommended there. To maintain this level, a bowl of water can be placed on the heater or a special humidifier can be purchased.

2. To prevent flu: a balanced diet strengthens the immune system

In order to be as resistant as possible to the viruses, you need a strong immune system. The body’s defenses can be strengthened, among other things, by eating a healthy and balanced diet.

Anyone who drinks two to three liters of water a day and eats a lot of fruit and vegetables keeps their mucous membranes moist and gets important nutrients such as vitamin C. A sufficient supply of zinc is also particularly important. The trace element contained in red meat, fish and legumes keeps the metabolism going and the immune system in good shape.

3. Prevent colds and colds: Reduce your stress level

A strong immune system is not just a physical matter. Psychological factors can also have a major impact on whether the body can withstand cold viruses. In this respect, a strenuous, stressful everyday life is poison for health. Long-term stress can lead to gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular problems and a severely weakened immune system.

If you want to stay healthy, you should take time to relax as often as possible. A long walk, a power nap or a good night’s sleep help the body and mind regain strength. This keeps the body’s defenses strong.

4. Exercising is effective in preventing a cold

The right amount of exercise not only helps to stay in shape, but also prevents colds. Regular, moderate training such as jogging or Nordic walking helps to keep the circulation going and thus strengthens the immune system.

But be careful: You always have to keep your balance when exercising. Anyone who overexerts himself weakens his own immune system and becomes particularly susceptible to infection.

5. Use heat to prevent colds

As the term suggests, cold increases the risk of catching a cold significantly. Cold temperatures are good for pathogens and inhibit blood flow to the mucous membranes. Therefore, weather-appropriate clothing in the form of warm socks, coats or scarves is a must in the cold season. The body temperature remains in the ideal range and the mucous membranes are well supplied with blood.

If you want to give your blood circulation and immune system additional support, you should try going to the sauna regularly. The rapid change between hot and cold temperatures strengthens the immune system. However, the sauna should be avoided if you already have a cold. Then the temperature changes are too exhausting for the already ailing body.

6. Avoid catching a cold with proper hygiene

In public spaces, the body comes into contact with pathogens more often than you think. This is even more true for the hands. Therefore, regular hand washing is the best way to prevent accidentally ingested viruses and bacteria from being transmitted to the respiratory tract.

7. Prevent cold and flu by avoiding alcohol and cigarettes

In terms of health, there is little to be said against a glass of wine among friends, but one should not overdo it. Regular consumption of large amounts of alcohol weakens the immune system and thus increases the risk of contracting the common cold.

Smoking is just as harmful: even occasional smokers damage their immune system and catch cold more often on average. If you want to avoid the infection, you should think about saying goodbye to alcohol and cigarettes.

8. Insider tips for preventing a cold: love!

Studies have shown that kissing and regular sex help keep your immune system in good shape. During sex, the body is confronted with numerous foreign germs, which keeps the immune system fit and increases the number of antibodies.

However, if you already have a cold, you should be careful – because then there is a high risk of infection for your partner.

Prevent colds: 3 home remedies that have it all

Home remedies can help fight off the flu. This includes:

Apple Cider Vinegar: Drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar every morning (sweeten with a little honey for flavor). The home remedy is both antiviral and antibacterial.
Garlic: The tuber also has an antiviral effect and can prevent infections – ideally, some raw garlic should be consumed every day.

Ginger: This medicinal plant is also said to have an antiviral effect. It also has a blood circulation-enhancing effect – this supports the immune system in removing harmful invaders. Drinking ginger tea every day can support your immune system.

Turmeric: The orange tuber is a real insider tip when it comes to boosting your immune system. It is best to drink a cup of milk and turmeric powder, also known as “golden milk”, every day.

Preventing a cold at the first sign: is that possible?

If it already scratches the throat, it is actually already too late for prevention. Nevertheless, measures can also help to shorten the duration of the infection and prevent consequences such as sinus or middle ear infections. The most important measures:

  • Physical protection: When the first cold symptoms appear, it is best to go to bed or on the couch. This is a great service for your body because it can use all its strength to fight the virus.
  • Drink a lot: At least two liters of tea, water or fruit juice spritzers a day help to keep the mucous membranes moist and strengthen the body’s defenses.
  • Home remedies: Home remedies for colds can, if used early, effectively help to avert a strong infection.

If you want to prevent colds, you should not only take countermeasures when the first symptoms are already noticeable, but rather incorporate the various measures into your everyday life throughout the year – this way the number of annual infections can at least be reduced.

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