Quark Has Expired: What To Do? Consider What?

If you spotted a pack of cottage cheese in your fridge but it’s already expired, you don’t have to dispose of it right away. We’ll show you what you can do if your dairy product has exceeded the best-before date and how long the quark can really be kept.

When did Quark expire?

The best-before date states up to which point in time food is guaranteed to have the advertised properties such as taste and smell. This does not mean that you are no longer allowed to consume food after the best-before date. For this, there is the use-by date, which tells you when you should no longer consume a product. However, since only best-before dates are noted on dairy products, you can enjoy them without hesitation after they expire.

Tip: You can also freeze your quark. Simply put it in cans suitable for the freezer. It will keep in the freezer for about 3 months.

Is my cottage cheese still good?

To find out whether your quark is still edible even though the best-before date has expired, you should proceed as follows:

  • Appearance

First, see if it still looks normal or if mold is already forming somewhere. If you discover the smallest traces of mold somewhere, you should no longer eat the quark and dispose of it in any case.

  • Smell

If you don’t notice any mold spots, you should do a smell test. Quark naturally smells a bit sour, but it shouldn’t smell too strong. If your dairy is no longer good, you should smell it clearly.

  • taste

If it looks and smells okay, you can taste the curd to be sure. What does expired cottage cheese taste like? If it’s slightly bitter, you should discard it immediately. If it still tastes normal, you can eat it without hesitation.

Shelf life of curd

You can usually enjoy quark for 10-14 days after the best-before date. However, you should eat it no later than a month after it has expired. If the quark is already open, you can eat it a few days later, but don’t wait too long.

Proper storage is also important. Especially on hot summer days, you should put the quark back in the fridge as soon as possible after shopping to prevent it from going bad quickly.

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