Substitute for Cottage Cheese: Alternative Dairy Products and Vegan Options

If you’re looking for a substitute for cottage cheese, some dairy and vegan options are ideal. Whether for cheesecake or potato dip – a suitable alternative can be found for every recipe.

Substitute for cottage cheese – These dairy products are suitable

If you don’t have quark at home, although you urgently need it for a recipe, you can also use alternative dairy products instead.

  • Cream cheese has a similar consistency and is, therefore, a good substitute for quark. This is especially true for cakes, tarts, and other desserts. Here we show you a delicious recipe for cheesecake with cream cheese.
  • You may have to add some milk to the recipe here since cream cheese is usually not as runny as quark. A low-fat variant is also recommended, as it tastes closer to quark.
  • Mascarpone is also a popular alternative. Note, however, that the fat content of the two foods differs greatly: mascarpone has a fat content of around 50%, quark only 20%, and low-fat quark even less than 10%.
  • Greek yogurt can also be used as a substitute. In terms of taste, this comes very close to quark. However, since it can be a bit too wet, you should let it drain beforehand. The same applies to ordinary yogurt.
  • The last milk alternative is the cream cheese ricotta. This is particularly popular for cheesecake.

Vegetable alternatives for cottage cheese

If you’re vegan and your recipe includes cottage cheese, you can easily substitute certain plant-based foods for it.

  • There are many soy alternatives that you can use in cooking and baking. In organic stores, in particular, you will find a large selection of vegan quark substitutes.
  • But it doesn’t necessarily have to be soy-based quark: Soy yogurt is also ideal.
  • There is also an almond-based vegan quark. An example here is the Quark alternatives from Simply V.
  • You can also easily make the replacement yourself at home.

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