Raisins Are So Healthy: Why Sultanas Are The Best Breakfast

Raisins are healthy! Sultanas are particularly underestimated for breakfast – because the little energy suppliers can even turn out to be medicinal.

Raisins don’t have it easy. They were singled out in muesli for a long time, until manufacturers even brought out extra breakfast cereals without sultanas. Then they were only considered bird feed and fattening foods.

No more character assassination: We’ll tell you seven positive effects of raisins – after which you’re guaranteed to always want to eat the dried fruit for breakfast!

Sultanas provide energy

It’s true: raisins contain a lot of carbohydrates, which in turn mainly consist of fructose. Sugar is not inherently bad (it depends on the amount, of course, experts recommend no more than a handful), but primarily it provides our body with energy. And we need that to start the day fit and strengthened in the morning! It works great with Bircher muesli with raisins and apple, for example.

Raisins protect us from food cravings

Although they contain a lot of sugar, it only enters the blood slowly. A balanced blood sugar level, in turn, protects us from cravings – if you eat raisins in the morning, you usually have less desire for sweets throughout the day.

Sultanas are healthy: they help against anemia

Women in particular often suffer from anemia. Raisins are full of important ingredients that our body needs at exactly that time: iron, vitamin B and copper help against anemia because they support blood formation.

Raisins aid digestion

Dried fruit is an ancient home remedy for constipation. This is partly due to the high fiber content. Anyone who regularly eats raisins for breakfast – for example as an additive to muesli – supports their digestion in a natural way. The pectin it contains also has an intestinal cleansing effect.

Currants regulate blood pressure

In fact, raisins are said to have a positive effect on our cardiovascular system. This is mainly due to the potassium it contains, which has a regulating effect on blood pressure and can lower it. Nevertheless, one should not eat more than a handful of sultanas per day.

Raisins boost memory

Trail mix doesn’t bear its name for nothing. Zibeben are said to strengthen memory due to the flavonoids and antioxidants they contain and are therefore particularly recommended for students and seniors.

Sultanas make you want more

And not just to the day – raisins are used in some countries as a natural aphrodisiac. So it can’t hurt to sweeten the dessert with raisins or one of these sweeteners on a date. You can find out more about this here: 9 lust-enhancing foods

Tip: It is best to drink a glass of orange juice with your raisin breakfast. This is because the vitamin C in the grapes is lost during the drying process. Raisins are a valuable supplier of iron, but our body needs vitamin C to benefit from it and absorb the trace element.

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