Store Pineapples Correctly: The Best Tips and Tricks

It is best to store a pineapple in a cool place at around 10 degrees. It belongs in the fridge once it has been cut. You can also freeze the tropical fruit as it does not keep fresh for long. This way you always have something in stock.

Store fresh pineapple properly

If you buy fresh pineapples, it is best to check the degree of ripeness in the store. Look for bruises, squishy or soft areas, and any mold or wrinkled areas. You can recognize a ripe, fresh fruit by the fact that it looks golden yellow and healthy.

  • You transport the fresh pineapple home in such a way that it is not crushed or injured on the way.
  • Otherwise, it won’t last as long and fruit flies could be attracted to open spaces.
  • At home, you can store the fruit open in the kitchen as long as it is not cut. However, you should not wait longer than two days before eating it, as it spoils quickly.
  • If you store the uncut pineapple in a cool place at around 10 degrees, for example in the pantry or in the cellar, it can last for up to a week. In this case, however, check the pineapple before eating to whether it is moldy or whether it smells like alcohol instead of being sweet due to fermentation.

Save a cut pineapple

Peel and cut the pineapple, for example into slices or cubes, before storing it in the fridge.

  • Pack the pineapple in a storage jar with a lid and place it on top of the fridge or in the vegetable drawer.
  • The fruit can be kept for about three days, or longer or shorter, depending on the capacity of the refrigerator.
  • Before eating, sniff the pineapple to see if it smells of alcohol. Then it is fermented and should no longer be eaten.
  • To ensure that the fruit stays fresh until you eat it, it is best to freeze it. Cut the pineapple into edible pieces, pack them in a freezer container, and place them in the freezer.
  • On the day you plan to eat the fruit, take it out of the freezer a few hours beforehand and let it thaw.

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