Replace Sour Cream: With What? 5 Healthy Alternatives

Sour cream is indispensable for many recipes if this is really to succeed. But if you don’t have sour cream in the kitchen right now or want to try a healthy alternative, there are many options you can use to replace sour cream.

5 alternatives to replace sour cream

If you want to replace sour cream, you don’t necessarily have to use similar ingredients. Because while this is made from lactic acid and cream, unlike sour cream, it’s set-proof. Still referred to as “Schmetten”, it is mainly known for its increased fat content of at least 20%, sometimes even up to 40%. This is not necessarily healthy, especially if the kitchen is supposed to be rather low in fat. The alternatives are particularly convincing because they have a lower fat content – or give the recipe its own touch. These 5 alternatives to sour cream are therefore definitely worth considering


Low-fat yogurt, in particular, is a healthier option to replace sour cream. You might have it in the fridge regularly anyway. If you want to replace sour cream with yogurt, you should add a teaspoon of flour. This means that the yogurt does not flake as much when heated. You need a bit of finesse, but the finished result is a few calories “lighter”.

Coconut milk

An insider tip that also requires a little practice. Coconut milk is considered healthy, but unlike sour cream it is liquid. Unfortunately, there is no fixed ratio in which coconut milk is used. True to the motto “The proof of the pudding is in the eating” you have to experiment a bit, not least because coconut milk has a rather distinctive taste of its own.

Cream cheese

Whether this is healthier depends primarily on the fat content. It goes in the same direction as crème fraîche, for example. It is also a possible alternative, but not really healthier. Replacing sour cream with it has at best taste advantages. This is partly true of cream cheese. In direct comparison, it has a milder taste, the consistency is relatively similar. This makes handling significantly easier. If you miss the slightly sour taste of cream cheese, you can squeeze some juice from a fresh lemon and add it. Then there’s some vitamin C on top, making the mix healthier overall.

Tip: Have you always wondered what the difference is between sour cream and crème fraîche? We show you in our magazine.

Sour cream

Probably the best-known classic among the alternatives for sour cream is sour cream. It’s not quite as firm, but it does have a lower fat content. Therefore, it is recommended as a healthy option, even saving a few calories in return. With the sour cream, it should be borne in mind that it flocculates when exposed to heat. So caution and mindfulness are required here so that the recipe continues to succeed.

Tip: Half a teaspoon of flour can also help you here so that the sour cream does not flocculate so quickly. Stir in carefully so that no lumps form.


To start with, the popular ingredient from the heart of Italy is no healthier. This is because mascarpone has a fat content of around 80%. If you want to reduce this, you will find an alternative to low-fat milk. The mascarpone has to be stretched anyway due to the high-fat content. If you do this with a sufficiently large amount of low-fat milk, you will achieve a mixture that is ideally at least a little healthier. If you miss the sour aftertaste, you can also help with a dash of lemon.

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