Sour Cream – Sour Milk Product

Sour cream is made from heavy cream using lactic acid bacteria. This gives it a slightly sour taste. It’s mostly solid.


It is not known exactly when and where the sour cream originated. One thing is certain, the word “Rahm”, the southern German term, was first mentioned in the 11th century.


Sour cream is available year-round.


Sour cream has a mild, slightly sour taste. Sour cream has at least 10% fat.


Sour cream has many uses in the kitchen. It refines both sweet and savory salad dressings or dips. It is the basis for many desserts with fruit. A dab of sour cream on top of the classic Russian stew, borscht, is essential. It is just as delicious for baking cakes, quiche, or tarte flambée as it is for vegetable casseroles and lasagne.

Storage/shelf life

Sour cream keeps well refrigerated for a few weeks. The best-before date on the packaging should be observed here. Store opened packs in the refrigerator and use up fairly quickly – within 2-3 days.

Nutritional value/active ingredients

100 grams of sour cream with a fat content of 10% provides 187 kcal/782 kJ.

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