Rice Hunger: This is How the Online Shop Works

The online shop reishunger offers everything to do with rice. We introduce you to the shop and its range.

This is what the Reishunger online shop offers

The name Reishunger already suggests that this shop is all about rice products. However, the range offers much more than just rice. Go to the shop page and you will immediately see a wide range of different products. Not only food but also kitchen accessories are offered.

  • These include various rice cooker models or bamboo steamers.
  • Of course, you can also immediately buy suitable spare parts and accessories for the rice cooker, such as the practical rice washing bowl.
  • Cookbooks, rice bowls, sushi mats, chopsticks, and jute bags are also part of the range.
  • Of course, there are also numerous foods on offer – especially rice. The shop offers a selection from sushi rice to black rice and Sadri rice to lentil quinoa rice or paella rice.
  • Rice chocolate, rice noodle sticks, rice chips, or rice bars are also very unusual. You can eat these perfectly as a snack in everyday life.
  • If you are a pasta fan but open to new things, the shop also offers a great alternative: rice pasta is offered in different versions. You will find everything from penne to spaghetti to fussili or gnocchi made from rice.
  • But you can not only buy the basis for a meal but also the ingredients for a complete dish. In addition to condiments, oils, and spices, you will also find pastes for rice or pasta dishes.
  • Nut fans will also find what they are looking for: nut butter, as well as seeds, kernels, legumes, and dried fruits, are offered.
  • A separate tab on the site even offers recipes in different categories. You can choose from sushi recipes, risotto, or paella, for example. You can also buy matching cookbooks.
  • The “Quick Cooking” category offers a range of products such as Blitz Risotto, 2-Minute Rice, and other products that can be prepared very quickly. These are ideal if you don’t have much time to cook.

Order at

If you are convinced of the products, it is time to order.

  • delivers your order with DHL, DPD, or DHL Express, depending on your choice. You can choose the type of delivery yourself; the shipping costs are 4.99 euros.
  • Standard shipping is free from a value of 49 euros. If you choose express shipping, you can have it delivered the next day for a surcharge of EUR 11.99.
  • You can pay in advance, on account, via PayPal, Sofortüberweisung, credit card, or ApplePay.
  • In the event of defects or questions, you can contact support at any time. There is an email address on the website that you can contact.
  • The rice products come to you packed in paper and PP film. This packaging guarantees that everything is airtight and protected from light and therefore stays fresh for a long time.
  • Sign up for the newsletter, and receive news about offers, coupons, or news. Creating a customer account can also be useful so that regular orders can be processed more quickly.
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