Smoke Ham Yourself: The Best Tips and Tricks

If you smoke ham yourself, you can look forward to a very special taste experience. We have summarized the best tips and tricks for smoking ham for you in this article.

Salt meat

Before you actually start smoking, the ham is cured.

  • When it comes to curing, you have two variants to choose from Wet curing and dry curing. For wet curing, place the ham in a large, sealable container. Then pour pickling brine over the meat.
  • When preparing the brine, make sure to mix the specified amount of nitrite curing salt with water. In addition, you can add spices of your choice to the brine.
  • Bring the brine to a boil and let it cool before pouring it into the bowl with the ham. Make sure the meat is completely covered with brine. Now close the jar and put it in the fridge for the curing time. You should allow two to three days for each kilogram of ham.
  • With dry curing, you use your own meat juices for curing. Weigh out the required amount of pickling salt. The rule of thumb is 35 grams of nitrite curing salt per kilogram of meat.
  • Rub the ham thoroughly and carefully with it and place the meat in a sealable storage bag. Pulling in the ham is even better. You can also vacuum without a device.
  • Dry curing takes one to two days per inch of meat thickness. After dry curing, soak the ham for two hours.

Smoking ham – good things take time

Once the ham is cured, you can start smoking it.

  • In principle, you can smoke ham cold or hot. Usually, ham is smoked cold.
  • When smoking ham, mistakes are often made that can easily be avoided. For example, the ham must be completely dry before you smoke it. So be sure to blot the meat thoroughly before putting it in the smoker.
  • Smoking wet meat does not spoil it. However, it gets an unpleasant sour taste.
  • If possible, use untreated wood for smoking. When cold smoking, the smoking powder or wood should not burn, just smolder. If the incense is very dry, avoid burning by sprinkling it with a little water.
  • An important virtue when smoking ham is patience. Do not smoke for too long at a time, but take breaks. This gives the ham a better smoky flavor.
  • Cold smoking takes place at temperatures up to a maximum of 25 degrees. Temperatures are usually even lower. Depending on the weather, condensation may form in the smoker. Remove this condensation during smoking breaks.
  • It takes a while for the ham to reach the desired level of smoke. When cold smoking you have to allow at least a week. If you prefer a strong smoke aroma, the smoking process can take up to three weeks.

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