Spirulina in Smoothie: The Best Recipes and What You Should Consider

Spirulina is considered a superfood and is not just a good ingredient in smoothies because of its green color. We present two recipes for spirulina smoothies, but also explain what you should pay attention to.

Spirulina in smoothies – you should pay attention to that

Spirulina is very trendy as a dietary supplement.

  • Algae actually bring a lot with them that is good for the body and your health.
  • Spirulina, for example, scores with its high protein content. The vitamin B content is also impressive.
  • When buying spirulina, however, you should make sure that it is of the best quality. There are no quality standards for microalgae.
  • To avoid contamination with heavy metals or other toxins, you should buy spirulina from your trusted store and access organic offers.
  • Also, not everyone can tolerate spirulina. Some people have an allergy to microalgae.
  • People with phenylketonuria should not consume spirulina. It is an inherited metabolic disease.
  • Spirulina contains phenylalanine. This ingredient can make phenylketonuria worse.

Green smoothies with spirulina – two simple recipes

If you tolerate spirulina and swear by the chlorophyll-containing microalgae, you can use it to prepare delicious smoothies.

  • Spirulina itself has a taste that takes some getting used to. In combination with other ingredients, a spirulina smoothie also tastes delicious.
  • For a mango banana smoothie, you need half a banana and half a mango. Mix the fruit together with a tablespoon of almond butter and 400 milliliters of water in a blender.
  • If you like, mix in a bunch of fresh mints. Then add four teaspoons of spirulina powder and mix vigorously again.
  • For an avocado smoothie with spirulina, add the flesh of one ripe avocado, a handful of well-washed baby spinach, and four stalks of celery, cut into chunks, to a blender.
  • The flesh of lemon provides freshness. Fill all the ingredients with half a liter of water and mix the ingredients.
  • Again, add the spirulina powder at the end. Two teaspoons of it are enough. Mix everything again briefly and the healthy smoothie is ready.

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