Substitute for Tarragon: 4 Alternatives for the Spice

Finding a substitute for tarragon is not easy, as the spice has a special aroma. It tastes slightly of anise and is spicy and bittersweet. Still, there are some alternatives if you don’t have tarragon at home.

4 Substitutes for Tarragon

Substitutes for tarragon are oregano, rosemary, parsley, and chervil. However, all of these spices do not come close to the aroma of tarragon.

  1. Oregano tastes spicy. If you mix this freshly chopped into the desired dish, it gives it a fresh taste. However, the taste of dried oregano is more intense.
  2. A mixture of chopped or grated rosemary with a sprinkling of fennel seeds comes close to the sweet, bitter taste of tarragon.
  3. You can also use the fine leaves of flat-leaf parsley as a substitute. Give these fresh and finely chopped to the meal.
  4. You can also find an alternative for tarragon with fresh chervil. The spice has a fresh, sweet aroma. The herb, therefore, lacks a bit of spice compared to tarragon. You can compensate for this by adding pepper.

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