Keep Lettuce Fresh: This Is How You Can Make Wilted Lettuce Fresh Again

Especially in summer, the spontaneous desire for salad is great. But when you look at leafy greens, you wonder how you can keep lettuce fresh and freshen up wilted lettuce. There’s a trick.

The lettuce is wilted again even though you were about to eat it. Does he have to go in the bin now or can you feed him back up somehow? The answer is here.

Make the salad fresh again: The trick to keep the salad fresh helps

Everyone has probably experienced this before: the desire for a salad arises and we go to the kitchen, but find out that our green vegetables are no longer crunchy and are wilting. The inside is also not as bite-resistant as when you bought it. But what can you do to make the salad fresh again?

Luckily you don’t have to do without the crunchy lettuce, because with a little trick you can easily and sustainably make lettuce fresh again. The way in the organic waste or on the compost is history.

Make salad fresh again: Here’s how

What you need to make lettuce fresh again:

  • 1 bowl of cold water
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar

Thats how it works:

  • Fill bowl with water and add sugar.
  • Put the lettuce in the sugar water and let it rest for 10 minutes.
    drain leaves. You’ve freshened up the salad and it’s crisp again.

Note: In the case of lamb’s lettuce – also known as lamb’s lettuce or lamb’s lettuce – soak in lukewarm water for about 30 minutes without sugar, then rinse briefly.

Make salad crisp with osmosis

The magic word in this case is osmosis. This biological process is triggered with this trick. Compared to the sugar water, the lettuce contains more salty water.

To restore the correct ratio to the sugar water, the cold water moves into the cells and fills them up again – and the lettuce is fresh and crisp again. However, the cell wall only lets water through – salt and sugar cannot penetrate it, which is why the lettuce is not sweet. You can also use citric acid instead of sugar.

Keeping lettuce fresh: It’s that easy to stay crisp

So that it doesn’t get that far in the first place, you can also store the salad properly. All you have to do is wrap the head of lettuce in a damp cloth or kitchen paper. This will keep it a little longer, but if you want to get more time, you can sprinkle the cloth with a little vinegar or citric acid – and the salad will stay fresh.

It is important that the salad is then stored in the vegetable compartment at the bottom of the refrigerator. However, if you have already washed the leaves, this trick won’t work. Then pack it damp in a plastic container. This keeps the salad fresh and crisp.

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