Teas For Colds – Proven Home Remedies to Relieve Symptoms

A running nose, a sore throat, and a stubborn cough make life difficult for us: influenza infections are unpleasant and annoying. Since there are no curative medicines, it’s time to wait and drink tea. We will tell you which teas relieve the symptoms of a cold.

Which teas help with a cold?

Drinking tea for a cold and sore throat does not eliminate viruses and bacteria, but the hot drink is beneficial. We simply feel better and support the body in self-healing. Just the moistening of the irritated airways and the fluid intake are already pleasant – regardless of the variety. Black tea or green tea can also be of great help when you have a cold. But there are better alternatives, because there is a herb for every symptom: the effect of medicinal teas has been well researched and proven. If they are subject to the Medicines Act, this has been scientifically proven. A distinction must be made between normal herbal teas and traditionally used medicinal teas that comply with food law. So if you want to treat symptoms in a very specific way, it is best to seek advice from the pharmacy and use a drug-licensed tea if you have a cold.

Teas against cough, runny nose, and sore throat

Which cold tea helps with which symptoms and can it be an expectorant home remedy? Given the wide range of herbal blends, it is not easy to find the right tea. Here are some tips for choosing:

Teas against colds: Thyme, chamomile, and sage tea help to clear the nose.
Teas for coughs: aniseed, fennel, thyme, linden blossom, liquorice root, and elderberry tea have expectorant properties and make it easier to cough up.
Teas for sore throats: sage, chamomile, mallow, buckhorn, and marshmallow tea have a beneficial effect on the throat.

You can also use many of these varieties to make a steam bath, which will make breathing easier. Observe the information on the packaging. There are many other teas that are helpful for colds. If in doubt, you should simply try which one suits you best.

Make your own tea for a cold

Herbalists can create their own blend by collecting and drying medicinal plants. However, you should be familiar with this area, be able to clearly identify the plants, and know which teas help with sore throats and the like. It’s easier with proven recipes: A hot lemon for colds is quick to make, as is tea with ginger. When they have a cold, children are more enthusiastic about sweet tea than about tart varieties. You are also welcome to try out spice mixtures such as our cardamom and honey tea.

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