The Expert Told Who Should Eat Bananas Regularly

Olena Stepanova, a nutritionist, noted that bananas will only benefit people who do not have a specific list of diseases. Bananas are quite valuable for health, but there are people who should exclude them from their diet.

“Ripe bananas have a fairly high glycemic index, which means that blood sugar rises quickly after eating the product. Bananas are also not recommended for insulin resistance and diabetes,” she said.

Stepanova also noted that banana consumption should be minimized, as they contain saccharides in case of diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome.

In addition, the nutritionist added that bananas will only benefit people without these diseases.

“Bananas are a source of tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin (the hormone of joy). In addition, bananas contain inulin, a type of soluble fiber that has a beneficial effect on bowel movements. And soluble fiber is a prebiotic – “food” for our bacteria that populate the intestinal microbiome,” Stepanova said.

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Written by Emma Miller

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and own a private nutrition practice, where I provide one-on-one nutritional counseling to patients. I specialize in chronic disease prevention/ management, vegan/ vegetarian nutrition, pre-natal/ postpartum nutrition, wellness coaching, medical nutrition therapy, and weight management.

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