The Health Benefits Of Pomegranates

He loves Middle Eastern cuisine, and here too he is refining more and more desserts and main courses. Thanks to its sweet and sour aroma, the pomegranate complements a wide variety of recipes. Find out everything you need to know about the fruit.

Worth knowing about the pomegranate

The name is a little misleading. Because if you buy a pomegranate, you’re not holding an apple. In fact, the fruit that first appeared in Persia is actually a berry. You’ll see why as soon as you cut open the pomegranate. Its small, red seed kernels are visually reminiscent of currants and also have parallels in aroma. The pomegranate also tastes sweet and sour, but also has a tart note on top. The leathery skin of the fruit, which you can get today from Peru, South Africa, Chile, India, Egypt, Israel, Spain, Turkey and Iran, is inedible, as is the skin inside. Our EDEKA expert Reiner Ley explains how to eat the pomegranate.

Shopping and cooking tips for the pomegranate

The biggest mystery surrounding the pomegranate centers on the issue of preparation. It seems complicated. A few tricks are enough to core a pomegranate. After a few cuts, you can already pull out the base of the flower, then break open the fruit and then relax and let the seeds fall into a bowl. Our expert will tell you exactly how to proceed when slicing pomegranates. Once you have removed the seeds, the preparation follows – and it is versatile. Pomegranates are suitable both for desserts and for refining your yoghurt. You can use them for Middle Eastern recipes as well as add flavor to salmon or prepare chutneys. A pomegranate salad is particularly delicious. Be inspired by our pomegranate recipes. Tip: You don’t have to be gentle with the fruit thanks to its thick skin – if you keep it at room temperature, the leathery skin will harden over time. This protects the inside of the fruit from drying out for a short period of time. Make sure the skin is undamaged, then you can keep the pomegranate for up to two weeks.

Is a pomegranate an apple?

The fruits of the pomegranate tree look similar to apples – red and round with a diameter of up to 15 centimeters. Botanically, however, the pomegranate is not an apple, but actually a berry.

What is pomegranate good for?

The ingredients of the pomegranate lower blood pressure, are good for the brain, liver and intestines. They strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation and can also reduce pain. A pomegranate consists of many small, blood-red seeds that contain a cocktail of effective phytochemicals.

How often should you eat pomegranate?

Although the bright red fruit bears the name of one of the most popular types of fruit in its name, many people still don’t really warm to the pomegranate.

Is Too Much Pomegranate Harmful?

Well, the fruit is certainly not unhealthy – it has been consumed in all possible forms for thousands of years. Even modern studies could not prove any side effects. Only the root and the peel contain high levels of tannins, which can lead to health problems.

Is pomegranate healthy in the evening?

While eating a pomegranate before bed isn’t inherently unhealthy, it should be avoided. This is mainly due to the high sugar content, which the body cannot break down during sleep and converts it into fat instead of energy.

Can you eat a whole pomegranate at once?

Only the small seeds of the rounded fruit are edible, the outer flesh is bitter and should not be eaten. However, you can eat the seeds whole. Either pure or in combination with delicious salads, desserts or as a juice.

Can you die from pomegranate?

Pomegranate seeds are neither harmful nor deadly.

What is poisonous about the pomegranate?

The pomegranate contains alkaloids in the root and bark and is considered a highly poisonous plant. The pulp, on the other hand, is non-toxic and safe to eat.

Can you lose weight with pomegranate?

According to animal studies, pomegranates have a positive effect on reducing body weight. It is said to reduce fat deposits in the blood vessels. Comparable human studies are lacking. Whether the pomegranate really helps with weight loss has yet to be researched.

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