Topaz – an Apple With a Specialty

Topaz is a cross between Rubin and Vanda and is considered a strain in the scab-resistant range. It is mostly grown organically.


The apple was cultivated in the Czech Republic in 1984.


The Topaz is available from October to July.


The Topaz is a very juicy apple with pleasant acidity.


The Topaz is known and loved as a dessert apple, and it also has very good baking properties.


Apples have a relatively long shelf life. The Topaz apple variety is no exception, provided the apple is given good storage conditions. Above all, the place of storage should be cool. Direct sunlight should definitely be avoided. Anyone who provides a fruit compartment in the refrigerator for their apples is doing everything right. In this way, taste, consistency, fresh appearance, and, of course, valuable vitamins are optimally preserved. Avoid storing apples with other fruits such as pears or bananas. If you want to store apples for as long as possible, you should store them in fruit crates in a cool, dark room and make sure that the air is not too dry. This is how apples stay fresh and tasty.

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