Truffle Tortelloni with Fresh Goat Cheese Filling

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Prep Time 1 hr
Cook Time 3 mins
Rest Time 10 mins
Total Time 1 hr 13 mins
Course Dinner
Cuisine European
Servings 4 people
Calories 310 kcal


Egg pasta dough:

  • 400 g Diamond flour type 405
  • 4 Pc. Eggs
  • 1 tbsp Salt
  • Possibly a little water and 1 tbsp oil


  • 250 g Sheep milk cheese
  • 125 g Goat cream cheese
  • 125 g Cream cheese
  • 2 tbsp Honey
  • 1 tbsp Truffle oil
  • 4 tbsp Finely grated Parmesan
  • Salt pepper
  • Italian spices (basil, oregano, thyme ...)


  • 1 Pc. Real truffle shaved
  • Grated Parmesan


  • Put the flour on a work surface, make a well. Add the eggs with the salt, stir loosely with a fork, cover with flour and gradually knead the remaining flour into the eggs with both hands from the center. Knead vigorously - until the dough is smooth and shiny.
  • When there is flour left, add a few drops of water and oil and knead into the dough as well. Cover and let rest for about 10 minutes. If the dough remains in place for a longer time, the surface must be oiled and the bowl covered with a damp cloth.
  • You get the most beautiful golden yellow and tender pasta if you knead the flour with only egg yolk, salt and possibly a little water. 100g flour can take 3-4 egg yolks.
  • Put the ingredients for the filling in a bowl and mix together.
  • Roll out the pasta dough (possibly with a pasta machine).
  • Cut the dough into approx. 5 x 5 cm squares, place 1 teaspoon of the filling in the center of the square and fold over half of the dough so that it becomes a triangle and the ends of the triangle fold together to create the typical tortelloni shape.
  • Turn the finished tortelloni in flour and let them rest a little on baking paper.
  • Bring 5 liters of water with salt and oil to the boil and let the tortelloni soak for 3 minutes, then lift them out individually and place on plates. Pour grated Parmesan, a little truffle oil and the shaved truffle over it and decorate with basil leaves.


Serving: 100gCalories: 310kcalCarbohydrates: 7.3gProtein: 12.2gFat: 25.8g
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