Use Pumpkin Seeds Instead of Throwing Them Away: 3 Delicious Ideas

Don’t throw away pumpkin seeds, use them

Pumpkin seeds are a nutritious and healthy product. Unfortunately, pumpkin seeds are all too often thrown away. You can use the cores quite sensibly. You can refine your dishes with it, but you can also do something for the animal world.

  • For example, if you want to do something for the bird world, use some beef tallow. Vegetable fat is also suitable for this project.
  • Melt the fat and put the still liquid, lukewarm mass into a container from which you can easily remove the later hard fat.
  • For example, an old drinking glass that is open at the top is suitable for this. Fill the still soft fat with a few tasty and nutritious raisins, some seeds, or a ready-made grain feed mix. Figs are also suitable for bird seed.
  • Tie two untipped matches together into an X with sausage string. Old pieces of wood are also suitable instead of matches. Place this X and the cord on the bottom of the jar. Do not cut the cord from the bundle yet.
  • Now pour in the fat and stir the ingredients mentioned well into the fat. Let the fat mass cool down. In the end, you remove the mass and hang it on the balcony or place it in the garden.
  • Tip: Before you take the mixture out of the glass, put it briefly in warm water. This makes it easier for the fat to come off the outside while the core of the fat plug remains firm

Dry and recycle kernels

If you remove the seeds from the pumpkin, whether for Halloween in November or for soup, you have several uses to choose from.

  • It is important that you dry the kernels immediately. The oven is suitable for this. Set a temperature of 50 to 60 degrees for it. That way you don’t burn your cores. Turn the kernels every now and then by shaking the baking sheet.
  • Take your time with the procedure, as moist cores tend to get moldy quickly.
  • Once the seeds have dried, you can bake them in homemade bread.
  • Tip: Get a ready-made baking mix of your taste in advance and add the number of seeds that you like to eat.
  • Pumpkin seeds contain a lot of fiber and thus benefit your gastrointestinal tract as they promote digestion.

Pumpkin seeds as muesli topping

You can also use the pumpkin seeds for morning muesli. They don’t have to be dry for this.

  • Here, too, the nutritious and vitamin-rich kernels ensure a good taste. Your muesli is also enriched with fiber.
  • Soak the kernels in water or milk overnight. This doesn’t take away from their taste but instead makes the kernels a bit more tooth-friendly.
  • Incidentally, you can also grind the seeds and add them to the muesli. Then you have fiber and vitamins plus the flavor without having to spit out the large and hard parts of the kernels.

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