What Is Marzipan Made Of? Easily Explained

Marzipan – that’s in the treat

The treat has been around for 100 years and originally comes from the Orient.

  • Marzipan raw mass consists only of almonds, sugar, and rose water.
  • The secret lies in the right proportions. There are even legal requirements for this.
  • After that, precise minimum and maximum amounts for the raw mass are required: at least 48 percent of the raw mass must be almonds. The raw mass may consist of a maximum of 35 percent sugar. Humidity must not exceed 17 percent humidity.
  • However, marzipan and marzipan raw mass are two different things: Marzipan is made from raw mass.
  • With very high-quality marzipan, no further sugar is added. For the commercial delicacies, however, additional sugar is very well added.
  • For marzipan to be able to call itself marzipan, the product must consist of at least half raw mass.

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