White Turnip

Among the types of beet, the white beet stands out due to its light color and sweet to pungent taste. The close relative of turnips and turnips is, like these, a root vegetable and is therefore primarily known as an ingredient in soups and stews. The swede, also known as autumn turnip, stubble turnip, or field turnip, has a rounded to oblong shape and green leaves. Like the green of the May turnip, these are edible and a delicacy in their own right. So don’t throw away the stalks with the fine leaves, also known as stalks, if they are still on the beet. They can be used wonderfully in salads or as a steamed vegetable side dish.

Purchasing and storage

In contrast to the May turnips, which are mainly available in spring, the white turnip, like the swede, is in season in the fall. Harvest time usually runs from October to November. You can find both white to yellowish and purple specimens in the vegetable section of the supermarket or at weekly markets. The color is related to the cultivation method: sunlit parts turn dark. Spherical specimens like the Teltower Rübchen score with a fine aroma, while elongated white turnips have a tart taste. When shopping, make sure the shell looks smooth and plump and has no cracks. The root vegetables will keep unwashed in the refrigerator for up to three weeks. You can also store it over the winter. To do this, remove the leafy greens and place the field beets in a box with damp sand in a cool basement room.

Kitchen tips for the white turnip

Traditionally, the white turnip is used as a soup vegetable or is steamed or glazed as an accompaniment to hearty dishes. But there are many other ways to enjoy autumn turnips. You can pickle turnips or prepare them raw. It is best to buy mild varieties and clean and peel the vegetables thoroughly. Strong, tart specimens, on the other hand, develop their taste well in hearty soups and stews, where they also add flavor. The healthy turnip also tastes delicious cooked and pureed.

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