Who Shouldn’t Eat Buckwheat and Why: A Doctor Warned of the Consequences

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It is not recommended to eat buckwheat with fatty foods or semi-finished meat products to avoid heaviness in the stomach. As a rule, individual intolerance to buckwheat is very rare. Buckwheat is a part of the medical tables of many diets used for the treatment and prevention of diseases. If a person has intestinal problems, buckwheat with fatty meat and fish can lead to fermentation and heaviness in the abdomen. In this case, it is better to boil buckwheat rather than to steam it with boiling water.

Buckwheat is often a part of many diets that are recommended in cases of gastrointestinal problems. Most people do not complain of buckwheat intolerance, but if you eat too much of it, the fiber contained in the cereal will contribute to bloating and gas formation.

“Buckwheat porridge is a hypoallergenic product that is part of medical tables. These are dietary systems designed for the comprehensive treatment and prevention of diseases, including problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Individual intolerance to buckwheat is very rare. Problems arise only if you eat a lot of buckwheat porridge: the fiber contained in buckwheat can lead to bloating and gas,” the doctor explained.

In addition, according to her, those who have intestinal problems should not eat buckwheat with fatty foods, including semi-finished meat products and oily fish. Otherwise, you may experience fermentation and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. It is also better to cook buckwheat rather than boil it.

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