Why Strawberries Are Healthy: 5 Surprising Reasons!

They turn summer into the gourmet season – but are strawberries healthy too? These five arguments speak in favor of striking hard this strawberry season!

They have unusual names like Mieze Schindler or Senga Sengana and are among the sweetest temptations summer has to offer: strawberries! The delicious fruits spoil the palate with 360 flavors – but are strawberries healthy?

Are Strawberries Healthy?

The answer: In fact, they are among the healthiest fruits in the world. There are numerous reasons for this. One of them: Although strawberries are a delicious treat, 100 grams only contain 32 kilocalories.

Strawberries: vitamins make them so healthy

When it comes to vitamin C, red fruits are way ahead with 60 mg per 100 g of fruit – even surpassing lemons. They also have a high content of B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin E, and folic acid. Strawberries are also full of good minerals – they contain a lot of manganese, for example.

These five reasons also speak for the plentiful consumption of delicious fruits:

1. Immune booster strawberries: Vitamin C strengthens the immune system

A trio of vital substances protects against infections: In addition to vitamin C, there are zinc and iron, which give the immune system even more strength.

As a result, strawberries promote general health, but also prevent everyday infections such as cold sores or gingivitis. The ideal dose: is at least 150 to 200 g per day.

2. Strawberries are heart healthy
Strawberries owe their bright red color to 25 different pigments – the so-called anthocyanins. These plant compounds have an anti-inflammatory effect and lower LDL cholesterol, which can cause vascular deposits.

According to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, women who ate strawberries three times a week were 30 percent less likely to have a heart attack than those who ate the fruit no more than once a month (the same was true for blueberries, by the way).

The researchers suspect that the anthocyanins ensure that fewer deposits form in the vessels. In this way, the heart muscle is better supplied with blood.

3. Strawberries regulate blood sugar
Strawberries are also a good choice for people with diabetes: Studies show that they can suppress vascular-damaging blood sugar spikes. It is assumed that certain plant substances inhibit the activities of glucose transporters.

In addition, the folic acid contained in strawberries is important for people with diabetes. Enjoy the fruit with some cream, because fat improves the absorption of vital substances and stabilizes blood sugar.

4. Strawberries strengthen the tissue
The trace element manganese tightens the connective tissue and thus causes a kind of bio-lifting. The vitamins A and E contained in the berries also protect the skin from signs of aging. Tip: A pinch of pepper on the fruit optimizes the absorption of the plant’s active ingredients.

5. Strawberries nourish the stomach
Not only the fruit but also the leaves of the strawberries can be beneficial for your health. Tea made from strawberry leaves nourishes the mucous membranes in the stomach and intestines thanks to the plentiful tannins it contains:

  • Wash the leaves thoroughly
  • Boil 1 handful with 500 ml water
  • Leave for 10 minutes
  • Drink 2-3 cups a day

Alternatively, you can also buy dried leaves from the pharmacy, then use 1-2 teaspoons per cup of tea.

With the knowledge of which vitamins and plant substances make strawberries healthy, you can enjoy the strawberry season even more – and your body and soul will be happy about it.

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