William Christ – There’s Something In This Pear

The variety was named after its first propagator, the tree student Williams from London.


The oldest evidence comes from England, around 1770. In the middle of the 19th century, Williams Christ was better known in Belgium than in England and was then distributed throughout Europe and North and South America by the Belgian pomologist van Mons.


It is ripe for consumption from the end of August/beginning of September to the end of November/beginning of December.


The flesh is yellow-white, melting, with a good, intense aroma.


The Williams Christ variety is used as table fruit and for the production of preserves and fruit brandy.


Williams Christ can be stored for about two weeks or up to three months in cold storage. Table pears are usually available in stores ready to eat. Their shelf life is limited: they are sensitive to pressure and develop brown pressure spots. In addition, they are getting sweeter and sweeter and should be eaten in good time, otherwise, they will become overripe.

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