You Certainly Don’t Know These 4 Ingenious Microwave Tricks

Tricks for the microwave: from eggs to stamps

Microwaves are in almost every kitchen these days. But mostly it is only used to warm up dishes – a pity because you can do a lot more with it. You should try these microwave tricks:

  1. Peel garlic faster: Peeling garlic is usually a tedious affair – but not with our microwave trick: simply heat the garlic for about 20 seconds before peeling – then the peel can be easily removed.
  2. Removing stamps: If you want to remove a stamp from a postcard or a letter, the microwave is also a great tool: moisten the stamp slightly and heat the document for about 20 seconds. The stamp can then be removed without any problems.
  3. Prepare a Microwave Fried Egg: With this microwave trick, you can prepare a delicious fried egg in seconds. Warm up a plate and brush it with butter. Beat the egg on top and microwave for about 45 seconds. The fried egg is ready.
  4. Prepare a poached egg: You can also use the microwave to cook a poached egg: crack an egg and place it in a bowl filled with water. Then microwave for another 60 seconds – and you can enjoy your poached egg.

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