How Does The Color Of Dishes Affect Appetite?

It is known that each color affects the emotional state of a person in a special way. For example, red makes you feel energized, while blue, on the contrary, calms you down. Psychologists and nutritionists believe that colors can influence our appetite and, knowing the peculiarity of each color, we can manipulate it.

Choosing the right color of dishes can reduce the need for food

  • White cookware has always been the most popular and fashionable.
  • White cups and white plates with different flowers are probably in every home. However, this color is not the best for those who have decided to reduce their appetite or lose a little weight.
  • Any dish served on white dishes creates a contrast and makes the food look very attractive, which, in turn, whets your appetite even more. Use white cups to brew green tea and herbal infusions. And use white plates for fresh fruits and vegetables. Even if this food looks attractive, it will not harm your figure.
  • Orange, pink, and pistachio-colored cookware is also not suitable for those who are struggling with extra pounds. These colors and their shades stimulate the secretion of gastric juices and increase appetite.

    Plates of this color are good to use when you can’t feed picky children who don’t want to eat porridge.

  • Red cookware is one of the most undesirable colors for everyday use.

    Red color not only excites the nervous system but also leads to loss of appetite control.

  • Yellow dishes have a twofold effect on people. On the one hand, yellow allows you to quickly get full of food, and on the other hand, it whets your appetite.

    Use yellow plates only for the first courses.

  • Blue and light green cookware is considered neutral, pleasing to the eye, and does not increase appetite. This cookware can be used for any kind of food.
  • Tableware in black, marsh, navy, and lilac colors looks quite elegant and attracts attention in itself.
  • But the food on this dish doesn’t look very appetizing, and this affects the portion size.

So, use light dishes for fruits, cereals, and other low-calorie foods. Put sausages and sweets on dark dishes – you will immediately lose the desire to eat these products, at least in large quantities. For main dishes, use light blue and light green dishes.

Of course, this technique should be considered only as an alternative way to lose weight. After all, replacing white dishes with black ones won’t help you lose weight. However, the process of losing weight is a complex activity, so all methods are effective here.

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