How to Store Apples All Winter: The Nuances of Storage in the Apartment and in the Cellar

Late varieties of apples are suitable for long-term storage – early varieties have too thin skin. Summer varieties can be stored for no more than a month, while winter varieties will last six months.

How to pick apples for long storage

It is better to pick apples for storage in the middle stage of ripeness. These apples are easy to separate from the tree but have not yet fully acquired their color and taste. You can identify medium-ripeness apples by cutting a single fruit: the seeds should be light brown, not white or dark.

Here are a few rules for picking apples for storage.

  • A few days before apple picking, do not water the apple trees.
  • It is better to choose a dry and cool day for harvesting.
  • It is better to pluck the apple with the stalk – then it will be stored longer.
  • Do not rub or wash apples, so as not to wash away the protective layer of wax.
  • Only apples that have been picked are suitable for long-term storage, not apples picked from the ground.

How to store apples in a cellar or basement

A dark and cool room is ideal for storing apples for a long time. It is recommended to store fruits in wooden crates, cardboard boxes, or on racks. Small batches of fruit (up to 4 kg) can be placed in a plastic bag with holes and hung from the ceiling.

For long storage, the fruits are placed in a container, and layers of apples with sand, wood shavings, paper, or dry sand. But it is not recommended to use a straw – it makes apples smell unpleasant.

Important: Apples can not be stored in the cellar next to the potatoes, otherwise they will be covered with spots and begin to rot.

How to store apples in the apartment

For storage in the house, choose a cool and dry place. The fruit can be placed in unnecessary cardboard boxes or wooden boxes. Apples store well until spring in the refrigerator in a fruit drawer, but not next to vegetables.

It is recommended to distribute the apples into small batches of 3-4 kg. The fruit should be of the same variety. Arrange the fruit in bags and tie the bag. Make a few holes in the package to prevent the apples from rotting. Put the bags of apples in large boxes and store them on the floor, or put them in the refrigerator.

Another effective way to store apples is on paper. Wrap each fruit in paper or newspaper and place it tail-side up in a box. You can also put the fruit on the paper in the refrigerator.

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