7 Rules of Washing Machine Care, Which Will Prolong the Life of the Machine

The washing machine will last you for many years if you follow some simple rules. Washing machines require simple but regular maintenance to last a long time. If you don’t take care of your machine, bacteria, and debris will build up in the drum and scale will build up inside the cabinet. Because of this, even expensive machines can break down. Here are 7 simple rules for taking care of these machines.

Inspect the detergent dispenser

Regularly check the detergent and liquid detergent dispensers. Wipe down the spout after washing to prevent bacteria from building up. And if there is a black buildup on the container, pull it out of the machine and put it in soapy water for a couple of hours, then wipe it with a sponge.

Check the gum in the door

The inner black gum on the door can accumulate dirt and debris, so wiping it down once a month is recommended. If you don’t, the gum may get damaged and the door will leak.

Clean the machine with a descaler

Inside the drum, over time, bacterial deposits accumulate, due to which the equipment breaks down, and clothes smell unpleasant. Therefore, once a month you should put a special detergent into the drum of an empty machine and wash it at the highest temperature.

Do not exceed the amount of detergent

The dosage of detergents is indicated on the detergents and must not be exceeded. If you use too much detergent, the excess will accumulate in the machine and prevent it from working. Do not leave any foam in the drum after washing.

Soften hard water

Most Peoples live in regions with hard water, and this is a serious enemy for the machine. Because of hard water, there is a scale and the appliances quickly fall into disrepair. To solve the problem you can put a filter on the pipe, or add water-softening tablets to the drum when washing.

Leave the door open

Washed your clothes and took out of the drum? Leave the door open. Let it dry naturally. If you do not, bacteria will accumulate in the drum and your clothes will smell unpleasant.

Clean the filter of your machine

Clean the filter through which the water drains twice a month. It collects tiny particles of fabric and bacteria. And if you have pets, it’s best to clean the filter after every wash or it will get clogged with hair.

When the filter is removed, look at the back panel of the machine where the fill hoses are connected. There should be no dirt or rust on the panel.

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