How to Understand What’s Broken in a Washing Machine: The Most Common Breakdowns

It is important for any housewife to know what to do if the washing machine suddenly stops working.

The washing machine has long been an appliance that few housewives can do without. For sure, it occupies the first place in the list of home appliances must-haves.

To be ready for any emergency situation, it will be important for every housewife to know what most often breaks down in the washing machine, and what to do if the washing machine stopped working during the washing.

Problems with the washing machine: top 5 common breakdowns

A puddle forms under the machine. According to experts, most often water appears under the washing machine due to the accumulation of lint and dirty water in the door collar. Be sure to check this part, whether requires replacement.

After washing, water remains in the tank. There may be several reasons – clogged filter or drain hose, as well as the failure of the electric drain pump. Either cleaning the dirty parts or urgent repair will help.

The water in the washing machine does not heat up. Most likely, the temperature sensor (thermistor) or the heating element is broken. The best way to find out the cause of failure, in this case, is to call a master.

The washing machine makes a suspicious noise while in operation. The first thing to check is the drum, perhaps it got some foreign object. If the external inspection did not produce a result, you will have to call a repairman.

Failure in the work of the control panel. In the case, that during the operation the control panel of the washing machine began to blink, it is necessary to disconnect the device from the power supply immediately. After that, it is definitely worth calling a master.

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