Washing Machine Leaks – How to Fix It

Washing machine slightly leaking: fluff filter not completely closed

If the fluff filter was previously cleaned, it is not uncommon for it not to be screwed back in completely. A quarter turn of the sieve is often sufficient here! Since the strainer is often provided with an additional flap, the leaks are not immediately apparent. If necessary, clean and grease the lint filter seal.


Washing machine heavily leaking: drain hose defective

Check the drain hose! It consists of thin-walled material and can break over the years. If you have the hose hanging in a sink or bathtub, check the fit and attach the hose.


Washing machine leaking when rinsing: door seal torn

The rinsing process takes place with a higher water level than the washing process. Therefore, leaks in the door seal often only become apparent during the wash cycle. The door seal can basically tear anywhere. If the holes are chafed on the side, check the shock absorbers too! If a door seal is torn, you must replace it. You can find suitable spare parts at Hausgeräte Hack, for example.


Bauknecht or Whirlpool machine is leaking at the detergent compartment

Some devices from Bauknecht and Whirlpool lack ventilation, which can lead to leaks in the washing-up compartment. Try to turn off the tap so that the water only runs slowly into the machine. If you are successful with this, you can limit the inlet valve for the permanent solution. You can obtain the required flow restrictor from your spare parts dealer under item number 480131000098.


Miele washing machine: the dispensing compartment is leaking

  • The problem can be caused by a clogged hose between the tub and the dispenser. With a little manual skill, you can carry out this repair yourself.
  • Detailed instructions with pictures can be found here.
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