The Second Life of Broomsticks: How to Make Soap or Insulate Windows

If you use hard soap, you know that often, when the product runs out, it leaves small pieces of soap – soap bars. You shouldn’t throw them away – you can reuse them.

How to make liquid soap from soap bars – technology

First of all, from old bast bars, you get excellent liquid soap, the main thing is to follow the instructions. You need:

  • soap bars;
  • a bottle with a dispenser;
  • glycerin;
  • aromatic oils.

Cut the scum into small pieces or grate it, and then put it in the bottle. Next, add hot water and 1 tbsp of glycerin. Shake the bottle until the scum completely dissolves, and then feel free to use your own liquid soap. The advantage of such a product is that it is completely natural, and the glycerin in the composition softens the skin of the hands.

Where you can use soap scraps – a washcloth for the shower

You can also make yourself a unique loofah, which will soap itself. This way you can save a lot of money on shower gel. Take an old towel, cut it into pieces, and sew them together so that you have a pocket. Inside, put your washcloths in and sew up the slit.

Using a washcloth is easy – just point it under the stream of water, and then soap your skin – you will be impressed with the result. As an alternative to an old towel, you can take a sock, fold the soap into it, and then sew or knot it.

Window soap bars in a second life

Insulating windows with soap bars are a unique trick known to our mothers and grandmothers. It is best to seal the cracks in the windows with tape or paper, but not every glue holds such materials well. Here come the aid of bubble wool – you only have to slightly wet the bubble wool, moisten it prepared a piece of paper or tape, and then glue it to the crack in the window. Voila – homemade insulation will last until the spring.

In addition, you can use soap to glue window decorations such as pieces of tulle or paper snowflakes, which is especially important during the winter and New Year’s Eve. It is necessary to put soap on the back of the tulle or paper, and then put the material on the glass. It will stick firmly, and when you remove it, it will not leave traces or streaks.

How to make soap from soap bars on the stove – instructions

Some especially hoarding housewives even cook soap from bast bones, which, by the way, is quite a good option, given the rising prices of various goods, including household chemicals. Prepare everything you need:

  • soap bars;
  • hot water;
  • grate;
  • Any deep container;
  • saucepan;
  • spoon;
  • molds for bars.

The first thing you need to do is to prepare the soap base. Grate the bat on a grater, pour hot water over it, and leave it to dissolve for two hours. You can replace the water with hot milk, and the soap will be healthier and softer. If you want, you can add aromatic oils, glycerin, or activated carbon to the soap solution – the product will get more unique and useful properties.

Next, you need to make solid soap. To do this, put a pot of soap base on the fire or in a water bath. Stir the mass as it heats up, and remove the foam if it appears. Once the soap is completely dissolved and all the desired ingredients have been added, remove the pot from the fire. Lubricate the molds with vegetable or olive oil for the bars and pour out the soap. Leave the substance for 1-2 hours in a room to let the soap cool and harden, and then store it in a warm, dry place.

Useful tip: in addition to the above additives, you can pour in some natural dyes. This can be beet juice, saffron, calendula, coffee, cascade, or cocoa solution. The main thing is not to add chemicals, otherwise, the result can be unpredictable.

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