Why a Washing Machine Has 3 Compartments: Where to Fill the Powder Correctly

It’s important to figure out where to put the powder in the washing machine before you start using it. Washing machines have long been an indispensable attribute in the household, which greatly simplified and accelerated the process of washing. But it turns out not everyone knows what the three compartments in a washing machine are for.

Let us understand some of the nuances of using the compartments, and where the powder in the washing machine will be poured correctly.

Is it possible to pour the washing powder directly into the drum

All manufacturers in this matter are categorical – it is not recommended to do this. In this case, the powder may not completely dissolve and remain on the items, and if it is even with colored granules – and then stain your clothes. In addition, the powder or gel will be spent inefficiently.

Immediately in the drum can be poured only liquid powders and laundry detergents, unless otherwise prescribed in their instructions.

Also immediately put the drum detergents in capsules.

If not in the drum, then where to pour the powder in the washing machine, you ask? In a special detergent tray, which is divided into three compartments.

And it is in this tray and pours the detergent, and only in it. So why does a washing machine have three compartments? They serve different types of detergents – bulk and liquid detergents.

Compartments in a washing machine

Compartments in the washing machine are marked with symbols I, and II. The third compartment can be marked as III, or a flower or star is drawn. These symbols are the same for most washing machines of well-known brands, although their location may differ depending on the manufacturer.

Compartments I and II are for powders and gels

Compartment I is usually located on the right and is the smallest. It is filled with powder when an intensive washing program with pre-soak is selected. Otherwise, it is not used. It is designed only for loose detergents. So if you have ever wondered what the compartment for prewash means – this is it.

Section II can be called the main compartment – it is used most often, and it is involved in all programs. In it, they put the loose detergent or pour the gel. And where do you pour the liquid powder into the washing machine? Also here, in the main compartment II.

The third compartment of the washing machine is usually for liquids, such as conditioners, laundry rinses, and bleach.

Where to pour the washer cleaner

Washing machines need care so they last a long time. For this purpose, there is a special descaler, which is poured into the compartment for washing powder. After that, the washing cycle is started, but without laundry in the drum.

In any case, before using the washing machine, it is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them, then it will last a long time.

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