The Washing Machine Does Not Turn On: How to Fix it in 15 Minutes

Breakdown of household appliances – a situation not critical, but unpleasant, because it means that the device needs repair. Fortunately, in some cases, you can do without a technician, and fix the malfunction yourself.

The washing machine does not turn on, the indicators are lit simultaneously

The first case is the reluctance of the technique to start working, but there is a backlight of the indicators, and they all blink at the same time. The reason is that the control board is out of order. Most often, this happens with regular voltage fluctuations, as a result of which the board simply burns out.

In order to fix the board, you need to arm yourself with a soldering iron and perform some actions:

  • Unplug the washing machine;
  • remove the lid of the cabinet;
  • take out the dispenser tray;
  • unscrew all the screws that hold the control board in place;
  • take a picture of the board so that you can install it back correctly;
  • take out the panel by disconnecting the wires;
  • unfasten the plastic latches and remove the board.

Next, you need to perform a visual inspection and find the burned-out element, remove it, and replace it with a new one using a soldering iron. Be careful when working with a soldering iron – without certain skills in handling this tool is better not to use it.

The washing machine does not turn on, the indicators are not lit

The second case is when the washing machine does not turn on, but the indicators and sensors do not “light up”. Options for breakdown, in this case, can be two:

  • The power cord from the mains is damaged;
  • the plug of the cord is out of order.

If the wire is not broken and cracked, is intact, and the plug does not have damaged contacts inside, then, alas, you have to go to the master – you yourself do not fix such a breakdown.

What to do, if the machine does not start the washing and does not block the door

The third case is characterized by the absence of locking the hatch door and the refusal of the device to start work. Inspect the door – perhaps the hinges loosened and the locking tab does not reach the hole. Fix this is simple – use a screwdriver to tighten the screws. The same method will help if the locking tab is loose, but you will have to disassemble the hatch to repair it.

Sometimes the failure occurs in terms of electricity – in this case, you will not hear a characteristic click, and the tank will not be filled with water. The first cause is a breakage of the hatch locking device or electrical module.

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Written by Emma Miller

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