When To Harvest Beets for the Winter: Terms, Rules of Digging and Storage

Proper growing is an important process for every gardener, but it is also important to follow the rules of digging root crops to enjoy a rich harvest in winter.

When to harvest beets from the garden – tips

The timing of the harvest of beets depends on many factors, including the variety that was planted:

  • Early-ripening – ripen in late July to early August;
  • medium-ripening – harvested in September, can be stored until January;
  • late-ripening – ready for digging in September-October.

The best time to harvest late-ripening beets is the end of October, but you still need to be guided by the weather conditions in a particular region. The fact is that late-ripening beets have time to accumulate all the useful elements it needs by mid-autumn.

Experienced gardeners know that beets should be dug on a dry sunny day. Using a shovel is not the best idea, the best option – is garden forks. You need to stick them at the side of the row of root crops on the bed and, holding the tops with your hands, gently pull the carrots out of the ground. The harvested crops should be placed along the bed, then cleaned of dirt and cut off the haulm.

After that, you need to wash the vegetables well and put them in a dry, ventilated place for 14-16 days.

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